Don’t know where to START? None of us ever do

Self-Development requires much more than telling your story. As I quickly learned, it goes far beyond putting it all out there and getting things off your chest. It is infinitely more as it requires a much deeper level of honesty than I was ever used to, and it travels deeper within the self than I had ever imagined.

In Feb 2006, I started by blurting it all out and not in chronological order of course but more by the level of pain that resulted from each experience. For me it was all about getting it off my chest and like almost everyone else on the planet, my problems seemed so much more unresolvable than anyone else’s problems. That was when I stopped and walked away for several months. It was all too hard for me at that stage. Yet in spite of the emotional trauma never did I once forget about the promise I’d made myself: I was going to achieve my goal of unravelling my past, dealing with it, and moving on. And I didn’t care how long it took me!

But so many skeletons, the type that come flying out of the closet both at you and through you, all with the potential to snap you like a pretzel. Time and time again I was forced to take refuge, to run, to hide and never return. Those dreadful times when I seriously doubted my ability to stand up and stand tall, just like we are all meant to do; to stand up on our own, in our own way, and in our own time!

A promise made
a promise to be kept

a promise
to never give in
and to never give up

ever give up
either on myself
or in my quest

to find me
a better me

the real me


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