Would I be brave enough to overcome my fear in discovery?

Would that fear stop me from completing my journey into the unchartered minefields of my Stolen Aboriginal past?


Is there ever a right time?

My name is Judi Nash. I am a deeply passionate Australian author who having spent 54 years of my life trying to make sense out of the nonsensical regarding my past, my life choices and the consequences that followed, realised that the only thing I wanted and needed in my life was peace. Sadly as a mother of two, I had not since a young child, believed in the promise of tomorrow, and I wanted to know why! Hence my life-changing commitment into self-development and the fiercely challenging journey into the unchartered minefields of my Stolen Aboriginal past.

Having survived the process thus far, I am hopefully showing others, that self-development is intrinsically ours to own, ours to explore and most certainly, our biggest asset in finding and creating our better self…


Way more than just a true story, a time when truth became my leveller and my strength, the planer of honesty and sand-blaster of reality…


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When Time Means Nothing was as much a moving journey as it was a deep insight into what the human spirit can endure and overcome, if a person seeks the supports needed. The book was like a mirror for me, gently encouraging me to look at how I handled situations in my own life. Resilience is something we can develop from within if we take the time to work on it.

Isabelle W-T
Sep 2023

For me it was a deeply emotional journey. I couldn’t understand how someone so little and so innocent, could be traumatised from such a young age, go on to experience a lifetime of challenging situations, and still find the strength to overcome them all whileworking on herself to get through it all. Her story is a true testament to her resilience and mental courage. I love it…

Robert Furtner
Sep 2023

We all need to feel like we belong and that we are worthy…