Can you know or feel…if you never go there?


Everyonehas history just as everyone has a past with some of itgood, some of it not so good and some of it, downright ugly. I spent 54 yearsof my life running away from mine only to finally come face to face withreality;


After 54 years my heart was aching so bad yetthe only thing I knew for certain, was that I just wanted to be happy. I justwanted peace but instinctively I likewise knew, that the only pathway to inner peaceand happiness, was through me. Me and only me. For myself and for others, it cannotbe any other way…

I have enough within me

I am all that I need,
To begin this journey
I know that now…

my want is real, my need is real…
but can I, and will I,
follow through with this?

am I ready?

But dipping my toe in the water as I haddone for so many years, was never going to suffice if I really wanted touncover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I knew evenbefore I started my journey, that it had to be a ‘boots n all’ effort to notjust uncover my long lost past, but to disentangle the seemingly impossiblestories about my past with my biggest question being:  

“Would I be brave enough and strong enough to overcome my fear in discovery, and would that fear stop me from completing my journey into the unchartered minefields of my Aboriginal past?”

How could I possibly know the answer to that one unless I first plucked up the courage to go there?

Judi Nash 26 Sep 2023


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